State your name and business.
Rachel Gedemer, Stitch

What is your mafia nickname?
The Machine

What is your craft?
Designing and sewing baby bibs, dog collars, and aprons. I also teach sewing lessons!

Why do you do your craft?
I love making things and keeping my creative skills sharp.

What’s your earliest memory of making something?
I made a pretty sweet locker organizer in my sixth grade home ec class. It wasn’t until I enrolled in the fashion design program at Columbia College Chicago though that I gained a true appreciation for design and sewing.

What are your sources of inspiration?
My nana is a big one. She is 83 and can still be found tinkering away at her sewing machine. She is an incredible seamstress and I always think if I am lucky enough to have inherited half of her talent I am in pretty good shape.

What is your favorite Chicago Haunt?
Any ice skating rink – I’m not quite ready for the Olympics but I don’t think there is a non-sewing activity I love more. Last year I mastered skating backwards….I’m guessing the triple lutz might take me a bit longer to nail.

What is your favorite beverage and where do you get it?
Right now I am kind of obsessed with root beer – either in float form or straight out of the bottle. I get it pretty much anywhere, but A&W is my favorite. When I’m feeling fancy I drink it out of a frosted mug.

How did you come up with your business name?
Hmmm….that is tricky. I don’t remember exactly how I landed on Stitch but I do know it was at a dive pizza place in Rogers Park. I threw a lot of ideas at my husband and Stitch stuck for some reason.

What is your weapon of choice?
My Elna sewing machine! She’s what I would grab if my condo was on fire (after my pup and husband of course).

What would you be doing otherwise?
Spending even more time chasing sticks with my pup, Maple. It’s good I thing have Stitch as Maple isn’t really into sharing her sticks.

What advice do you have for an artist/crafter who is just starting?
Go for it! I think the biggest regret I have is not starting my business sooner. I have gotten so much enjoyment from challenging myself creatively and getting to meet tons of other amazing crafters.

Where is your work available for purchase?
On my website, Sacred Art, Local Goods Chicago, Twinkle Twinkle Little One