State your name and business.
Kandy Christensen, Meandering Design

What is your mafia nickname?
Kandy The Shearer

What is your craft?
Sewing. I make clothing and accessories out of upcycled, local and vintage materials.

Why do you do your craft?
Well, it is kind of a compulsion. I have to be doing or making something. Also, I make things out of upcycled, local and vintage materials because in our fast clothing and disposable world we need to change the way we look at clothing. I hope that people find sustainable clothing can be beautiful. I also love teaching people about ways to incorporate sustainable design in their lives.

How did you come up with your business name?
Meandering Design was actually inspired by a trip I took to Madrid. I was wandering through the old city and got lost in the medieval alleyways and byways. I thoroughly enjoyed being lost because I kept stumbling upon all of these delightful finds. In this day and age with gps enabled phones and our over planned lives we often don’t take the time to get lost and wander. I find that when I do take the time to explore I am much more in the moment and not worried about where I am heading to. That is what I hope people experience when they come to Meandering Design’s store, blog or events.

What advice do you have for an artist/crafter who is just starting?
Just start. You have to take that first step. Initially when I started Meandering Design I was simply making things to sell. I chose the name Meandering Design though because I dreamed that it would be a design house. When I realized that I wanted to teach sewing it wasn’t as if I had a certificate for it. I finally just took the leap and started teaching and I had an overwhelmingly positive response. Same with teaching interior design. I don’t have a degree, but I do have a lifetime of passion for design and I have been reading and researching about design for years. If I would have waited for someone to tap me on the shoulder with their wand and tell me I now had the authority to do what I wanted, well, I’d still be waiting. One other thing I would add is that you need to recognize that building a business takes time and that you cannot compare yourself to other people’s success because chances are they’ve been at it for awhile.

Where is your work available for purchase?
At Local Goods Chicago and online at www.meanderingdesign.com.